Thursday, January 20, 2011

Evolving: OLIPHANT | PHOTOGRAPHER | Las Vegas Wedding Photographer

The New Year is upon us and I've been contemplating a few things in reference to Oliphant | Photographer that I'd like to share. A couple of weeks ago I posted a status on facebook that read, "Frank, we gotta expand..." this was a reference to one of man's all-time favorite movies "Scarface." Essentially my goal for 2011 and beyond is to not only to concentrate on weddings, but expand my brand into family portraits and corporate headshots. In the last few weeks of 2010 I had the opportunity to shoot the aforementioned, one of which I shared below. Both experiences pretty much cemented my decision, so with that said I'd like to re-intorduced my website with a new cleaner design and few add-ons for our expansion. We also added and html site that is iPhone/iPad friendly. Just click on the portrait below! Thanks for stopping by and hope 2011 brings you success and happiness.

Big Love,
~ Oiphant


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